December 1, 2008

...and this is the kind of moronic e-mails I have to deal with...

(This is a real e-mail I received from an obviously enlightened dongle with the cryptic email address

Mr Doorman! I was reading your article the other day and had a few comments!

In your article you came off very passive and then hit your
readers right between the eyes! I do not know if you really understand what is really going on with Prop 8? First of all, Since when is it's anyone's business what your sexual preference is or what YOUR taste is?

This is the problem with the GAY community! How come you never hear from STRAIGHT couples if they are straight or gay? Why don't you ever hear of STRAIGHT couples going around telling others what their personal preferences are or what they prefer! If gay people would read their bible and obide by what was written hundreds of years ago they would understand that Marriage was meant for a man and a Woman!

Why is it in almost all Gay relationships that one person plays a more dominant role and the other a more passive role? The reason is ! GOD made man to be a MAN and a woman to be a Woman! It is as simple as that! It really hurts me to see that not even 10% of our population tries to upset our Tradition that has made our country what it is today! It' usually the minority that tries to rule! I really feel the reason why their is such a huge problem with our Gay community is because most of all Gay people are very frustrated with their own physical or mental outcome! Believe me! All you have to do is read a little in the bible and you would understand this issue and not jump on the political band wagon and fuel this political fire!

In closing! If you do not believe in the bible or GOD! Please explain to me one thing! Explain to me WHAT ENERGY SOURCE KEEPS YOUR HEART CONTINUOUSLY PUMPING?

Thank You and have a great day!

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